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Dozen v2.3

Amazing and simple cards game with clever opponents.

Dozen Dozen

Dozen v2.3 RUS (759Kb, archive)
Dozen v2.3 RUS (810Kb, installer)
Dozen v2.3 ENG (759Kb, archive)
Dozen v2.3 ENG (810Kb, installer)

1: Game rules.
To go you must combine some cards on colour or on advantage. With the left mouse button we choose cards, and then we press the right mouse button for putting the chosen cards on the table. Advantages of cards are in a sequence: 9 < J < Q < K < 10 < A. If you not go first it is necessary to beat last cards from seen in middle of the screen. The trump beats any other cards except for a trump, the greater on advantage. Nobody can beat an trump ace. If you can not beat a cards, you should put so much cards, how many them in last line. Who has taken to itself all cards (from middle of the screen), that will go the first on following turn.

2: Game Essence. Score counting.
It is necessary to take cards as much as possible. At the end of game all your taken cards will be counted up by the certain principle. The player, collected the greatest quantity of points for cards, receives 0 penalty points. Other players receive: 6 at 0, 1 at more than 30, 2 at less than 31. Game is continued up to 12 (dozen) penalty points. The price of cards at calculation: 9 - 0, J - 2, Q - 3, K - 4, 10 - 10, A - 11 points accordingly. Colour does not influence the price. The price of all cards together - 120 points.

3: Strategy.
You must go from such cards that anybody from opponents could not beat them. In this case you take all these cards. If someone nevertheless will beat your cards, they get to him. If you should throw cards, try to put the smallest on advantage. In this case all cards get to one of computers.

4: Interface.
Your cards are below. Computers above. The cards which have stayed in a pack, are on the right. Trump colour at the left. In the menu, I think, all is clear.

Minimal requirements:
Cpu: 386;
Os: Windows;
Ram: 4Mb;
Video: SVGA 512Kb (640x480x256);
Hdd: ~1,5Mb;

Cpu: Pentium;
Ram: 8Mb;
Video: SVGA 2Mb (800x600x24bit);
Sound card;

+ Small completions.
+ The English version of game is also accessible.
v1.0 - v2.2
+ Game accessible only in russian language.

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